Lecture Capture

Echo360 is the University's lecture (or presentation) capture system. Lectures or presentations are recorded at nominated venues and the recordings are made available to students via automated publication to teaching courses in the learning management system UoNline(Blackboard)

  • View a list of venues with Echo360 recording capability.
  • Echo360 captures the visual content, as displayed to students in the lecture from the teaching presentation computer, and synchronises this with the recorded audio of the lecture.
  • There are a number of venues that have the capability to record dual screens (for example computer and visual monitor). Refer to the list of venues.
  • Media content is then available for staff to view and/or edit in EchoSystem.
  • Students are then able to view the content via a link which is automatically sent to the Blackboard course site nominated on the booking form.

Access the Echo360 Lecture Capture booking form.

Staff can create presentations at their desktop using Echo360 Personal Capture. Presentations are processed and published to Blackboard course sites just as a captured room lecture would be.

Resources for Lecture Capture

Getting Help
Staff support is available by contacting the UoNline Support Team. Students who require assistance should log a support call via the 17Triplezero IT Service Portal.