Booking your video conference

One person should be assigned the task of booking your video conference session. We will then be able to liaise with one person to coordinate and confirm all your booking details. Please contact if you need help or advice at any stage.

All video conference sessions should be booked a minimum of 48 hours in advance. The steps to book your video conference are:

Step 1 Book the venue(s)
Step 2 a) Complete the Video Conference Booking Form
b) If your Video Conference includes external site(s), please ensure your contact at the external site(s) complete an External Site Details Form and returns it to
Step 3 Ensure you recieve confirmation of your booking

Step 1: Booking Venues

Please note: there are two methods used for booking venues on University campuses. The method to be used depends on the venue you wish to book. Both methods, and their relevant venues are explained below.

Method 1 - WRB

WRB is a web-based room booking system which allows anyone with a University ID (licence plate) and password to request rooms on the Callaghan, Ourimbah, City and Sydney Campuses. Visit the Web Room Booking User guide for more information.

The following venues are booked using the University's WRB system.

  • ICT328 Lecture Theatre
  • HB15 Lecture Theatre
  • HB13 0_IRC113
  • (AV3) Ourimbah

To book these venues follow these steps:

  1. Access the University WRB system at Scientia Web Room Booking
  2. Select video conference_Facility from the 'select one or more room requirement' list.
  3. Enter all other relevant details as prompted.
  4. Submit your room booking as prompted.

Method 2 - Venue Coordinator

The following rooms are booked by sending a request email to the coordinator for that room. Room availability can be checked by doing a GroupWise Busy Search.

Room-L326-Video conf Room- Committee - Meeting
Room-UNH309-Board Business Offices Ourimbah*
Science Offices Ourimbah* Room-SC408-Meeting
Room-V204A-Meeting Room-SRS04-Faculty Meeting
Education and Arts Room-W301A- Bathurst St Sydney*
Room-GP1.24-EDArts Room-HO1.73

* - Not on groupwise, please go to step 2

To book these venues follow these steps:

  1. Check room availability by doing a GroupWise Busy Search (insert the room name, e.g.: Room-L326_Video conf, into the 'To', enter the date and time, and click Busy Search).
  2. Click on 'Select Venue' box below and select the applicable venue from the drop down menu.
  3. Click on 'Request Room' box. An email will appear, automatically addressed to the relevant Venue Coordinator. Please send the email, requesting the room for the date and time required.
  4. Ensure you receive confirmation from the Venue Coordinator that the room is available.

Select Venue Box

Room L326, Auchmuty Library

Please note that Room L326 in the Auchmuty Library is to be used only for video conferencing sessions. To access Room L326, please show your University of Newcastle Staff Library Card to the staff at the Auchmuty Library Service Desk. They will give you the key to Room L326. The Staff Library Card will allow key tracking and staff identification. If you require a Staff Library Card, please register for one at

Room L326 must be cleared of any food and drink items after the conference, otherwise users will be charged a cleaning fee.

Step 2: Complete the Video Conference Booking Form

When you have booked your University video conference venues, complete the Video Conference Booking Form and submit online.

If your video conference includes sites external to the University of Newcastle, further information may be required and you will be contacted by the video conference administrator.

Step 3: Video Conference booking confirmation

When video conference administration staff receive your booking form, they will schedule your video conference session and email you confirmation of your booking. Please ensure you receive this confirmation email.

Cancelling a video conference booking

To cancel a scheduled booking please email at your earliest opportunity.