Video conferencing FAQ

These frequently asked questions and answers are aimed at users of the University of Newcastle's video conferencing facilities.

When should attendees arrive for the session?

Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the video conference. This will allow you time to become familiarised with the equipment and environment.

What are the time constraints?

Please keep within the scheduled time for your video conference. There may be another conference scheduled directly after yours.

How should the session be conducted?

One person should be nominated as chairperson of the meeting and should be responsible for control of the meeting. An agenda distributed to all participants in advance will assist.

Are there any protocols which need to be observed?

Avoid talking over the top of one another as there is a slight pause between one site speaking and the other hearing the message.

Try to keep background discussions and noise to a minimum. Be aware that voice comments can often be heard by the other party.

For more information on video conference etiquette please visit these pages:

How can I show materials during the session?

Documents that you wish to show on camera should be prepared in a suitable and clear font of at least 18 point size. In some sessions computer data may be dual streamed along with the presenter image.

How should I dress for a session?

Wear suitable clothing: small checks and thin pinstripes may cause strobing, which will make it uncomfortable for viewers at the other sites.