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Complaints and Information Management Unit

The Complaints and Information Management Unit comprises the University Complaints Office and Records Managment Office. The University Complaints office also manages; formal applications for release of information under GIPA legislation (formerly Freedom of Information); and Privacy training, complaints and enquires.


The University of Newcastle is committed to maintaining and enhancing fair, equitable and safe work practices and promoting positive relationships with its staff and students. It is also committed to the development and maintenance of an effective system of complaints management and to an organisational structure that responds to complaints and conflict in a positive way. The appropriate and timely resolution of complaints is essential to the maintenance of a safe, harmonious and co-operative work and learning environment.

Government Information (Public Access)

The Government Information (Public Access) Act (GIPA) creates new rights to information that are designed to meet community expectations of more open and transparent government. it encourages the routine and proactive release of government information, including information held by providers of goods and services contracted by government agencies. As of the 1 July the GIPA Act 2009 replaced the Freedom of Information Act. 


The University of Newcastle is committed  to protecting and maintaing the privacy of your personal and health information. This website provides information on a range of privacy issues affecting staff and students.

Records Management 

The Records Management Office is responsible for helping staff to fulfil their record keeping obligations by providing information and services related to record management.