Disability Employment

The University of Newcastle and Workfocus Australia have a memorandum of understanding to assist the University develop systems and processes for the recruitment and retention of people with a disability, increase the awareness and education of the benefits of employing people with a disability and provide assistance and knowledge of the Commonwealth government schemes that are available with the employment of people with a disability.

 The University's Disability Employment program is coordinated by the Equity & Diversity unit with ongoing support from Human Resource Services.

The main aim of the program is to provide each Faculty and Division with:

  • access to an “untapped” employment market,
  • a one-stop-shop service which includes free practical information,
  • advice and support on employing people with a disability,
  • access to new Commonwealth disability employment initiatives,
  • innovations, wage support schemes and  incentives, and
  • access to experienced and qualified professionals with skills and knowledge    relating to workplace assessment and adjustment for people with a disability.

Workfocus Australia is the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator’s and provide the University with:

  • direct access to candidates with disability that are registered with a Disability Employment Service (DES),
  • a central point of contact for The University of Newcastle with DES providers in your region,
  • pre-screening of all potential candidates to assist with job matching, and
  • support to build on its overall level of “disability confidence”  and become an industry leader when employing people with a disability.

If you would like further information about the recruitment of a person with a disability, then you should contact the Senior Equity Advisor or your Human Resources officer, who may be able to offer advice and guidance.