University of Newcastle Diversity Calendar

The Diversity Calendar celebrates and promotes diversity within The University of Newcastle community. It indicates cultural, religious and national days celebrated locally, in Australia and across the world, and includes International and World Days – all of which draw our attention to themes of commemoration and celebration.

The University community includes academic and general staff from many different national, ethnic and language origins. Within our student community close to 100 different languages are spoken and around 15% of our staff and 25% of our students were born overseas.

Staff and students knowledgeable of and comfortable with diversity are more able to be effective and responsible members of local, national and global communities. The benefits of exploring new perspectives and philosophies are many.

The University of Newcastle has a commitment to provide leave for staff to participate in significant cultural and religious events outside of public holiday provisions. This calendar assists all at the university to anticipate and plan for such requests.

We have endeavoured to correctly identify dates but realise there may be mistakes.

Please draw these to our attention and indicate omissions by emailing us at

If you would like a A2 copy of the 2013 calendar please contact 49216547.