Teachers Enterprise Agreement 2010

Table of Contents

This page provides links to individual clauses within the Teachers Enterprise Agreement 2010.  Each clause is on a separate page/s for your convenience.  If you wish to print the entire Enterprise Agreement please click here.

Part A: Scope of the Agreement

1.0    Application
2.0    Operation of the Agreement
3.0    Definitions
4.0    Flexibility
5.0    Availability of the Agreement

Part B: Performance and Conduct

6.0    Performance Development Framework
7.0    Staff Supervision
8.0    Managing Staff Workload
9.0    Probation
10.0  Performance Concerns
11.0  Unsatisfactory Performance
12.0  Misconduct / Serious Misconduct
13.0  Disciplinary Action

Part C: Professional Development

14.0  Staff Development
15.0  Induction
16.0  Study Leave, Examination Leave and Reimbursement of Fees

Part D: Managing Change

17.0  Managing Change
18.0  Redeployment and Redundancy

Part E: Separation from Employment

19.0  Resignation and Termination
20.0  Adandonment of Employment
21.0  Incapacity

Part F: Working Environment

22.0  Intellectual Property Rights
23.0  Intellectual Freedom
24.0  Equity and Equal Employment Opportunity
25.0  Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare
26.0  Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying and Victimisation
27.0  Staff Counselling and Assistance

Part G: Remuneration Arrangements

28.0  Salary
29.0  Salary Packaging
30.0  Superannuation
31.0  Overtime
32.0  Relieving Allowance
33.0  Higher Duties Allowance
34.0  Travel Entitlements

Part H: Employment Arrangements

35.0  Categories of Employment
36.0  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment
37.0  Hours of Work
38.0  Duties and Contact Hours
39.0  Meal Breaks
40.0  Class Sizes
41.0  Qualifications and Recognition of Service

Part I: Flexible Working Arrangements

42.0  Flexible Working Arrangements for Carers

Part J: Leave and Holidays

43.0  Annual Leave
44.0  Long Service Leave
45.0  Personal Leave
46.0  Compassionate Leave
47.0  Parental Leave
48.0  Emergency Services Leave
49.0  Jurors Leave
50.0  Witness Leave
51.0  Leave Without Pay
52.0  Public Holidays
53.0  University Holidays

Part K: Consultation

54.0  Representation
55.0  Teachers Consultative Committee

Part L: Review Processes and Dispute Resolution

56.0  Inquiry Officer
57.0  Committee of Inquiry
58.0  Dispute Resolution Procedure


Schedule 1   Rates and Allowances
Schedule 2   Non Tertiary Music Teacher Descriptors