Health and Safety Contacts

Name:    Neill Bourne, Associate Director (Acting)
(Safety Management Systems)
Phone:   4921 7330
Fax:        4921 5935
  • Work Health & Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Plant and equipment
  • Evacuation Warden management
  • Hazardous Materials / Dangerous Goods
  • External Notifications
Name:    Melissa Musicka, Senior Safety Officer (Technical/Laboratory/Research)
(Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
Phone:   4921 6846
Fax:        4921 5935  
  • Safety and Risk assessment review
  • Gene technology processes
  • Biohazards
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Radiation Hazards
Name:    Dylan Mitchell, Senior Safety Officer (OHS Documentation, Policies, Procedures)
Phone:   4921 2053
Fax:        4921 5935  
  • Policies & procedures
  • Documentation
  • Benchmarking
  • Project Management
Name:    Sarah Harris, Safety Officer
(Injury Management)

(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)
Phone:   4921 7720
Fax:        4921 5935
  • Return to work coordinator
  • Workers Compensation
Name:    Diane Bunch, Safety & Wellbeing Adviser              
Phone:   4921 7721
Fax:        4921 5935
  • First Aid Officer management
  • Wellness
  • Ergonomics
  • Manual handling
  • Incident management
Name:    Liz Pilgrim,  Safety Support Officer
Phone:   4921 6542
Fax:        4921 5935
  • Safety and Risk assessment review management
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee support
  • Chemical and Radiation Safety Committee support
Name:    Leah Pringle,  Project Officer  
Phone:   4921 8847
Fax:        4921 5935
  • Health and Safety support
  • Workers Compensation support
  • Incident reporting support

Services provided

Work Health & Safety (WHS) Legislation: Advice and support on WHS legislation and how it applies to the activities of the University. This includes access to an up-to-date WHS library.

Health & Safety Responsibilities: Advice on WHS responsibilities and how these apply to your position and your activities within the University.

Auditing & Health & Safety Action Plans: Assistance with, and advice on the development of WHS plans for individual workplaces, Departments/Schools, Faculties and Divisions. This includes assistance with analysis of WHS training needs.

Hazard Identification: Assistance with accurate identification of workplace hazards, such as awkward lifting and other movements, chemicals, electricity, radiation and biological materials.

Risk Assessment: Advice on evaluating the risk to health and safety that workplace hazards represent, and how to minimise these risks.

Ergonomic Assessment: Review of work arrangements and recommendations for improving body position and movement in order to reduce the chance of injury.

First Aid Officers: Facilitation of training and co-ordination of ongoing education of the University’s First Aid Officers.

Injury Reporting System: Co-ordination of the University’s injury/incident/hazard reporting system for staff/students/visitors.

Rehabilitation Programs: For staff with an injury or illness. The aim is to achieve the best possible restoration of physical, psychological, vocational and social functioning of the staff member concerned, at the earliest appropriate time.

Worker’s Compensation: Advise and assist staff in the workers compensation claims process.  Liaison with the Injury Management Co-ordinator in the provision of Return to Work plans under the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act.

Committees: Servicing the Chemical/Radiation & Institutional Biosafety Committees. Providing technical support to the University Safety Committee.
Research Grant Applications: Facilitate the review of safety aspects of research projects. Assistance with the laboratory inspection processes undertaken by the Sub-Committees.

Training and Development: Promotion and development of programs designed to raise WHS knowledge, enhance workplace management and meeting statutory requirements.