EAP - Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will It Cost Me?

The University funds 6 EAP professional counselling sessions for personal or work related issues per patient each calendar year. This is available to all employees and their immediate families. Occasionally, referral to other specialists or services within the community may be necessary. In this instance, any costs involved are your responsibility. 

Will Anyone Know I've Gone to the EAP?

No one needs to know that you attend counselling. If you go during work time you may need to tell your supervisor that you will be absent from work. If you choose to attend in your own time then no one will ever know you have used the service.

No information about you will be revealed to your manager or anyone else. If your counsellor believes it would be beneficial to speak to someone about your situation, they will ask for your written permission before they do so.

Job security and promotional opportunities will not be jeopardised by seeking help through the EAP.

Do I Get Time Off to Go to the EAP?

Time off can be given for the first appointment during work time by prior arrangement with your supervisor or manager.

Further appointments will generally be in your own time or by use of normal leave entitlements. If you don't want your manager to know you've used the EAP, then simply make an appointment in your own time. It's completely confidential.

Who Refers Me to the EAP?

The EAP is designed to encourage self referral. Occasionally managers may offer the option of counselling to employees. The choice of using the EAP is always yours. No one can force you to use the EAP.

When Might I Need the EAP?

The EAP is available to give assistance for personal or work related problems such as, but not limited to:

Relationship problems
Grief and bereavement
Alcohol/other drugs
Career concerns
Work related difficulties     

Emotional stress
Marriage & family problems  
Legal concerns
Financial problems
Work/life balance  

Quit smoking

You can consult your EAP about any problem - no problem is too small!! We encourage staff to use the service as soon as the issue starts to concern you. Don't wait too long - the issue will only get more complex. Early intervention is the key to a successful outcome.

What Can I Expect?

The EAP offers short-term professional counselling with an experienced registered psychologist.