Mental Health Links

The following links are provided for your information and use.

  • Moodgym is a training program run out of the Australian National University. It aims to help you identify and overcome problem emotions, and show you how to develop good coping skills for the future so you can enjoy good mental health.

  • BluePages is produced by the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University. It provides users with the highest quality scientific evidence on interventions for depression plus consumer perspective and understanding.

  • beyondblue is a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related substance misuse disorders in Australia.

  • The Black Dog Institute is an educational, research, clinical and community-oriented facility offering specialist expertise in mood disorders - a range of disorders that include depression and bipolar disorder (formerly called 'manic depression'). The Institute is attached to the Prince of Wales Hospital and affiliated with the University of New South Wales.