University Online Laboratory Safety training

The University has developed an online Lab Safety training module through Elmo Learning.  This training forms part of the compulsory induction training program for staff and students of the University who work in laboratories, workshops or with chemicals.

The online training is designed to provide you with essential health and safety information as well as some useful information for accessing further documents, processes and systems.

Logging into ELMO Training online:

To access this or other Online Training Packages, please click on the link below.

If you are entering from the University’s Intranet, you will first have to log-in using your University ID and password.  When the University’s training portal page loads, click where requested. You will now need to enter the following user name and password to start the online training:

username: newcastle
password: elmo

A quiz follows completion of the online training.  As the information contained in the package is critical to the university processes of managing your safety, the quiz requires 80% accuracy to pass.  If in the first attempt you do not achieve 80% you can retake the quiz.  The questions are randomly selected so you will likely have a different set of questions the second time around.

When you have successfully completed the assessment, you will be asked to provide your details. In the section requiring "Staff / Student number" PLEASE INPUT YOUR NUMBER-PLATE (eg ABC123) not your staff / student number.

On completion, your record will be downloaded and be held in HRonline.