All staff at the University are encouraged to identify, review, discuss and recommend safety initiatives. The University has two consultation mechanisms:

  • Formal (Committees and Workgroups)
  • Informal (Discussion and input)

The consultation required by the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act and Regulation takes place within the University at three levels:

  • Workgroup - Consultative mechanism between Head of School/Unit as decision-maker and workgroups to resolve issues and implement Health and Safety system.
  • Faculty/Division Health and Safety Committees - Resourcing and support at Faculty/Division level for WHS. If issues are unresolved at the School/Unit level, then they are addressed by Faculty/Divisional Committee.  Further information is available from WHS Representation link below.
  • University Health and Safety Committee - Overarching University Health and Safety Committee (UHSC) is an employee forum to make recommendations on health and safety issues. This committee is NOT responsible or accountable for implementation of the Health and Safety Managment system which remains with University supervisors and managers. If issues are unresolved at the Faculty/Division level, then they are addressed by the UHSC.  Further information is available from UHSC links below.