Incident / Injury / Hazard Reporting

Occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable. One of the challenges facing the University is how to best go about achieving this prevention. In order to do this, we have to be able to identify potential hazards and implement risk management processes to control the risks associated with these hazards.

Reporting accidents and injuries forms an integral part of managing health and safety at the University. An incident/injury/hazard reporting system can help prevent injuries in two ways:

  • Where an accident, injury or illness has occurred, the system is used to identify the cause(s) of the accident, and subsequently address the cause(s) so that the same, and similar, accidents will not reoccur.
  • Where a hazard is identified, the system is used to further assess and reduce the potential impact of the hazard before anyone gets hurt.

It is important to note that injury and accident reporting is required under NSW Work Health and Safety legislation.

University of Newcastle Staff Members
To report an injury, hazard or near miss please submit an online incident report form (link in box below). This form will be sent to Health and Safety immediately, and is the preferred method of lodgement.

If you need to access unprocessed incidents or manage corrective actions for which you may be responsible please use this link.

Newcastle Innovation (and TUNRA) Staff Members and Researchers
Please click this link, login to the ConnX Employee Services Portal, and read the information on the Newcastle Innovation website.

Other Persons
If you are not a University of Newcastle staff member please report your incident to a staff member or alternatively complete the paper based incident report form. (link in box below). Please send this via internal mail to Health and Safety, Human Resource Services, The Chancellery.