Paper Based Incident Reporting

The Paper based System should be used by staff members unable to use the online system and people other than staff members.

The Incident Report Form

  • must be completed for all injuries and the appropriate page forwarded to Health & Safety, Human Resource Services, within 24 hours of the injury, incident or hazard occurring.
  • should be completed by the person involved in the incident, or the person who identified the hazard. Instructions for completion are available from the link below,  or by contacting Health & Safety on extension 17721.
  • is available from the link below, School Personal Assistants, First Aid-Officers, or by contacting Health and Safety on extension 17721.

Please read the Instructions for Completion (Injury/Incident/Hazard Report Form Process) before completing the Incident Report Form, and remember to retain copies as appropriate.

NOTE:  Significant injuries/dangerous occurrences must be notified to WorkCover within 48 hours. Please contact the Health & Safety Team on ext. 17721 for assistance.

Newcastle Innovation (and TUNRA) Staff Members and Researchers

Please click this link, login to the ConnX Employee Services Portal, and read the information on the Newcastle Innovation website.