Workers' Compensation

If an accident, injury or illness occurs in the course of your employment, you are covered by The University’s Workers' Compensation Insurance. This is a no fault insurance and irrespective of why you were injured, provided it was through part of your work activities, you can be assisted with your medical treatment by the insurance. If injured you must complete and submit an Online Incident/Hazard Report (information available from this link ) within 24 hours of the injury occurring.

If medical treatment is required, or you lose any time from work, you must obtain a WorkCover Medical Certificate from your treating doctor, and you are eligible to lodge a claim for workers' compensation. A WorkCover Medical Certificate must be forwarded to the Workers' Compensation Coordintor as soon as practicable after it has been issued. If possible, ask your doctor to have a copy faxed through to the Health & Safety Team so we can start work on your claim.

On receipt of a University Incident/Injury/Hazard Report or a WorkCover Medical Certificate, the Workers' Compensation Officer will contact you to explain the claims' process.

The University Health Service have specific skills and experience in managing workers' compensation injuries, however, staff members retain the right to choose their own treating doctor.

The University's workers' compensation insurer is Employers Mutual Limited and their contact phone number is 02 4969 0200.  The University's policy number is W85133016.

For further information, please contact the Workers' Compensation Coordinator, Health and Safety Team on 4921 8847 or 4921 7720.