Changes to Workers' Compensation Act

With the recent changes to The Workers' Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill 2012,
workers are no longer entitled to bring journey claims for injuries sustained on a journey between their place of abode and place of work unless there is a real and substantial connection between the employment and the accident or incident out of which the personal injury arose.

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However the University has been advised by our insurers that workers should still attend their treating doctor and if a WorkCover Certificate of Capacity is issued we send it through to the insurers to make the decision.  Each case is assessed individually.

In addition to travelling safe to and from work, we would encourage staff to evaluate whether their own insurance arrangements (income protection, disablement coverage under Super, etc.) are adequate in light of these changes in workers compensation coverage.

University of Newcastle and its Senior Management recognises the value its workers provide to the organisation and is committed to assisting employees with non-work related injuries and illnesses. Where possible, the University can offer access to a graduated return to work process similar to that for work related injuries.

Employees should contact Sarah Harris for more information.