Workers' Compensation

The Factual Investigation Process

What is a Factual Investigation?
A factual investigation is an independent investigation into the factual circumstances surrounding a claim.

Who does it?
A independent factual assessor who specialises in the area of Workers Compensation and who is attached to a registered and accredited company.

Who requests it?
A Workers Compensation Claims Assessor of the University's Insurer or any of their representatives, as instructed.

Why does the Insurer request it?
To be able to assess and determine liability within the confines of the Workers Compensation Act 1987, as amended and the Workplace Injury Management & Workers Compensation Act 1998 as amended.

To obtain an independently written and witnessed account of a set of circumstances which drives our decision on liability and quantum.

When does the Insurer request it?
As soon as it becomes apparent that liability and the circumstances surrounding the claim needs clarification.