Radiation Safety Manual

The Radiation Safety Manual is very large. Therefore, to facilitate browsing, it has been divided into separate sections. Please browse these pages by following the links below.

If you would like to suggest additional topics for the manual and any other comments or feedback designed to make it a more complete and/or user friendly document please email Mr Bill Bartolo: safetyclearance@newcastle.edu.au

Please click here for a full copy of the Radiation Safety Manual (86 pages).

Issued: June 1985.
Revised: September 2001.
Revised: July 2004.
Revised: September 2004.
Revised: August 2009. - 2.9.2 Exemptions including addition of General Supervision definition.
Revised: October 2012 - Addition of link to Management of Scintillation Waste Including the Scintillation Vials document to Section 6.9 and new Student Exemption to the Radiation Licensing Requirments of the Radiation Control Act (NSW) 1990 form to Section 2.9.2.

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