The following information has been developed to assist you to set up your workstation environment ,and to provide you with some ergonomic tips to help minimise the risk of muscular strain or overuse injuries.

The Health & Safety Team can assist you in this process. However, please work through the following steps first.

Step 1

Read through the following documents:

  1. Rest Break Exercises - ensure you take regular breaks

Step 2

Go to the Organisational Development  web site to see when the next ergonomics workshop is being held and ensure you nominate to attend.

The Workstation Ergonomics Training is available to all staff and provides practical information guidelines on how to safely set up your own workstation. These skills are then transferrable to a variety of work locations and tasks.

Step 3

If you require further assistance please contact Diane Bunch on ext. 17721 or email: to discuss and/or arrange an ergonomic assessment/workstation setup.