HRonline - Frequently Asked Questions

Is HRonline easy to use?

HRonline is easy to use and enables you to perform such functions as:

  • View / edit personal details
  • View / edit disability status
  • View / edit emergency contact details
  • View staff training history
  • View employment information relating to your position(s) at the University
  • Enquire on leave balances and leave bookings
  • Apply for / approve leave bookings
  • Submit / approve timesheets
  • View payslips, payroll deductions and payment summaries
  • View / edit bank account details
  • View payroll deductions
  • Register / deregister for training courses

How do I access HRonline?

The HRonline system is available at:

How secure is my personal information?

Due to the nature of the information held in the system, measures have been taken to ensure your information stays safe.

Secure Socket Layer - HRonline sits within an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) framework, and encrypts all transactions you make within the system. This ensures the privacy of your information. You may be familiar with SSL, if you use Internet banking, or pay for goods by credit card on the Internet.

Independent Password - To gain entry to HRonline a different password is used to those you use to access other University computing systems.

Email Notification - A notification system is in place, whereby whenever your Personal details or Bank Account details are updated in HRonline, you will receive an email notice advising you of the changes.

What if I don’t have access to a computer?

In exceptional circumstances, where you cannot access a computer either in your immediate work area, a campus library or information common, you can make a request to receive your payslip in hardcopy. Requests should be made to your respective Human Resource Officer in Human Resource Services, with approval from your supervisor.