Christmas Closedown Considerations

During the Closedown

The campus will be operating on an out of normal hours basis:

  • Staff cannot assume that airconditioning will be switched on, or doors unlocked.
  • Security Services will continue as normal over the close down.
  • Mail services will be operating but at the reduced rate of one delivery per day and may be made to the central administrative areas rather than distributed through buildings.
  • Whilst the central stores will be open it would be appreciated if staff do not order items that would need delivery during the close down unless this is unavoidable.
  • Maintenance staff will be on campus as maintenance projects are being carried out.

Notification of Attendance

  • Pro Vice-Chancellors and Heads of Division must notify HR Services of the names and locations of staff that will be attending work during the closedown period.
  • Pro Vice-Chancellors must notify Security Services directly of the names and locations of research students that will be attending work during the closedown period. 

Occupational Health and Safety Considerations

Line managers must consider the following, and ensure their effective management:

  • research students' intentions to attend the University - when and their planned activities;
  • effective and adequate supervision for all staff and research students, relevant to the level of risk posed by the planned activity;
  • provision and staff / students receipt of current information including appropriate inductions, emergency response procedures (security notification, contact details, evacuation procedures and routes, first aid support, etc); and.

Names / dates / times and details of those who intend to access the University during the closedown period should be notified as follows:

  • all staff to HR Services, and
  • research students to Security Services.

Research students should not be given automatic access to buildings. The responsibility to ensure risk assessments have been undertaken rests with the supervisor who should ensure appropriate controls and other measures are in place.

Airconditioning may not be switched on during the closedown period in areas where a small number of staff are working.