Electronic Flextime Form Information

To assist you in calculating your flextime, an electronic version of the current Flextime Record is available from this link. The document is in Microsoft Excel and contain formulas to calculate hours worked, total hours, credits, debits and cumulative balances.

Please refer to the Instructions' tab of the Flextime Record document for information on how to use the form.

Entries on the Flextime Record

  1. Entries are to be made daily and actual times recorded (to the nearest 5 minutes) unless working an Approved Scheme Arrangement in accordance wtih Clause 53.4 of the Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement.
  2. Leave Application Forms are to be submitted, on return to work, for all absences, except for Public Holidays and Concession days.
  3. All forms of leave should be recorded in the Leave/Public Holiday section. Flextime deductions will be automatically calculated in the Debit Column. Appropriate codes should be used for all entries, including Flexleave.
  4. The calculation for PART-TIME/PART-DAY absences for all types of leave and study time (but not flexleave) is to be made as follows:

    Amount of Approved Leave/Study Time + Actual Hours Worked = Total Time for day - Agreed Hours Per Day = Net Credit/Debit

  5. Record study time as actual time worked. Please note the actual times for study in the remarks column, eg record 6 in the *TYPE column and the amount of study time taken in the *REMARKS column.
  6. Use of the Cumulative credit/debit column is optional: the "Total Hours Worked", "Leave/Public Holiday", "Credit", "Debit" and "Cumulative" columns should be completed for mathematical calculations.
  7. The maximum flex credit/debit that can be accrued and carried over in any period is 21 hours credit or 7 hours debit.
  8. The maximum amount of absence on flextime during any one settlement period (the four week period immediately following the period where a credit or debit has been accumulated) is 14 hours subject to pre-approval.

Further information is available from Clause 53 of the Professional Staff Enterprise Agreeement.