To provide a clean, safe and healthy environment, the University's Cleaning Contractor carries out cleaning each weekday morning at the following campus locations:

  • Callaghan Campus
  • Ourimbah Campus
  • City Precinct

For any additional cleaning work, staff should complete an online Maximo Service Request. Please note that Internet Explorer is the required browser for all Maximo Service Requests at this stage. Users will need a valid UniID and password to proceed.


Requests for cleaning services should be submitted at least one clear prior day to the date required, as normal cleaning services cease before the University's business hours commence. Late requests cannot be guaranteed, as this is often dependent upon cleaning staff being available for extended work times.

Surplus and Waste Removal

Please note that if items are left in a place or condition that could be interpreted as surplus or waste, a complimentary advice will be left to inform staff how to request their removal. If no response is received within a reasonable time, Facilities Management will arrange for removal without further notification. This shall be done in the interests of safety, hygiene and housekeeping.


Callaghan, Ourimbah Campus and City Precinct

Jack Oh
Ph: 0405 192 400

David Atkins
Ph: 0419 765 703

In the event that your call is unanswered please call Facilities Management (02) 4921 6500 or AH to Security Callaghan on (02) 492 15729 or Security Ourimbah on (02) 434 84222.