The University is subject to various Commonwealth, State and local government statutes and requirements related to environmental matters. During the year the University fulfilled its requirements under the National Greenhouse Energy and Reporting Act 2007 to submit its 2008-09 greenhouse gas emissions and energy use reporting totals to the Australian Government’s by the mandated deadline.

As part of continuous improvement initiatives associated with environmental compliance, the University integrated its Hunter Water Corporation trade waste licensing requirements for the maintenance of grease traps into the online facilities management system to improve pump out scheduling.

In terms of licensing under the NSW Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, the University fulfilled its licence obligations for its Environment Protection Licence associated with a research program for groundwater remediation.

The protection of the Environment Operations Act, 1997 requires that all Environment Protection Licence holders develop, implement and maintain a Pollution Incident Response Management plan.  This plan contains:

* a description of the main hazards associated with the licenced activity undertaken

* a description of pre-emptive actions to be undertaken to minimise or prevent any risk of harm to human health or the environment arising from the licenced activity undertaken

* the procedures for communicating with and reporting to authorities and the community in the event of a pollution incident

* description of actions to be taken immediately after a pollution incident to control the pollution