As part of a commitment to water use efficiency, the University has been rolling out a program of improvement activities, including the installation of auto flush urinals and upgrades to building cooling towers. Additionally, with the help of federal funding under the Community Water Grants Program, a project has been implemented to capture site run off in dams for reuse in the watering of our sports ovals. This project has also led to the installation of automated level sensing to provide a better information support about the level of use.

Hunter Water Business Savers program

The University recently signed up to the Hunter Water Business Savers Program to have a series of water audits undertaken in our higher use buildings. These independent audits identify opportunities for water efficient measures for amenities in these buildings and the retrofitting will be carried out as part of building management works that Facilities Management will fund and coordinate.

The installation of submetering, which is a critical part of the program, will enhance our water use monitoring on campus and inform decision making around investment in water efficiency measures. The buildings selected for the program are the Auchmuty Library, Computer Teaching, Engineering Science and The Chancellery.