Environmental Sustainability Plan and Policy

Our Vision for environmental sustainability is:

to provide leadership, innovation and inspiration to our staff, students and the broader community in environmental sustainability through our campus management, teaching and learning, research and community engagement activities.

Our 5 sustainability Objectives are:

  • increase awareness amongst our staff, students and the community of environmental sustainability and its importance to the wellbeing of current and future generations;
  • ingrain environmental sustainability and environmental responsibility into our institutional culture and across all of our campuses;
  • lead by example in the way we manage our natural and built campus assets, through achieving environmental compliance and adopting best practice;
  • deliver leading-edge interdisciplinary teaching and learning experiences to equip students with knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm so they can positively engage in fostering environmentally sustainable solutions through their careers and everyday living;
  • strive for effective pathways and partnerships across the University organisational structure, and with local and state government, business, industry, research and community leaders to achieve environmental management solutions.

The Vision statement and the Objectives are stated in the University's strategic 2011 - 2013 Environmental Sustainability Plan and Environmental Sustainability Policy, along with a comprehensive set of commitments aligned to 3 key themes:

  • Campus Management
  • Research and Innovation
  • Teaching and Learning

The Plan will be linked with an annual Environmental Sustainability Report Card to report on our performance. The first Report Card will be for 2011 and it will be made available online in 2012. As shown below, the Plan and Card will be supported by internal operational level action plans that will capture roles and resourcing.