Goods In and Out

The Goods Inwards Store is part of Infrastructure and Facilities Services, with the Associate Director Operations being responsible for store operations. The Goods Inwards Store is in the Services building which is located to the west of the Eastern Entrance to the University.

The Goods Inwards Store is the central receiving point for all goods coming onto the campus. Stores staff deliver to Faculties and Divisions on a daily basis.

Goods leaving the campus can be despatched through the Goods Inwards Store. The Store staff can assist with correct packing and customs declarations if necessary.

For further information, please contact any of the Goods Inward Store Staff Ph: (02) 4921 5813.

Goods Inwards Store Hours are 7.00am to 3.15pm. The Store is closed between 12.00pm & 1.00pm for lunch.

How to Send Parcels

Obtain Goods Dispatch Advice form (COS stock item PS215031) and complete. Ensure parcel is securely wrapped and addressed. Phone Goods Inwards Store for collection before 1.30pm, and leave parcel and Goods Dispatch Advice with Faculty Secretary Secretary. Parcels are collected by courier from the Goods Inwards Store by 3.00pm.

(NB. Overseas parcels must have Customs Declaration form attached - forms available from the Store). 2 copies required.

Local, Urgent Pick-Ups/Deliveries

Phone Goods Inwards Store and advise Pick Up or Delivery (Tuesday) details (University business only), and provide Name, Faculty/Division and phone number.

Campus Delivery Times

After receipting deliveries into store, Store staff will deliver A.M. receipts starting at 9.30am. P.M. receipts starting at 1.30pm.

Current resourses within the store may limit campus deliveries to the extent that some deliveries may be delayed or held over until the next working day.

If you are expecting an urgent delivery please telephone the store on ext. 15814 to arrange collection.

Change of Faculty/Division Location

Contact the Goods Inwards Store and advise new location details as soon as possible.

School/Division Delivery Points

All School/Division should advise Assistant Manager - Goods Inwards Store of the nominated point for delivery of goods. School/Division staff must be available at this point to receive deliveries for both the morning and afternoon runs or an alternative delivery point needs to be supplied.