Master Planning

The University of Newcastle Masterplan

The University of Newcastle has completed development of a Strategic Masterplan for the Callaghan and Central Coast Campuses. Council adopted the Plan on 14 March 2008. These documents create a framework for coordinated future development of the campuses. Principles have been established that guide a concept for the renewal and future growth of the two campuses that support the University's Vision and Strategic Priorities. This concept has been further articulated into a number of key elements: infrastructure and building projects.

2008 Masterplan Objectives

The Strategic Masterplan objectives emerged both from the analysis of the University Strategic Plan as well as from consultations with key stakeholders. The objectives are:

  1. Promote a unique and memorable campus experience
  2. Encourage engagement and collaboration with the community
  3. Support innovative teaching and learning practices
  4. Attract and enable the world's best research projects and staff
  5. Facilitate the establishment of a process for the sustainable management of the campus