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Emergencies and Security

Emergencies can occur at any time, and can arise from a number of causes including fire, chemical spills, gas leaks, medical emergencies, bomb threats and physical threats. The University has in place a number of procedures to respond to emergency situations should they arise.

Security Services Rapid Response

Rapid response is generally initiated when Security Services is contacted by staff, students or visitors via:

  • a call to the emergency line 492 15888 (Callaghan) and 4348 4222 (Central Coast)
  • one of the Help Points located about campus
  • any lift phone
  • activation of a duress button (where fitted)
  • alarm notification, e g fire alarm.

Responses are managed from the Security Services Control Room and overseen by the Emergency and Security Manager.

Familiarising yourself with UoN’s emergency procedures is important.

You can view the University's current procedures here: UoN Emergency Procedures.

Click here to view some practical tips for staying safe on campus:

Newcastle Campus

Emergency Calls/General Security Enquiries/Reports - (02) 4921 5888

Shuttle Bus - 0407 951 470

Central Coast Campus

Emergency Calls/General Security Enquiries/Reports - (02) 4348 4222

Shuttle Bus - 0414 411 799

Newcastle City Precinct

Security Escort Service - 0400 243 022