Through past Your Voice surveys our staff have told us about their experience of working at the University, and have made a real difference to their working lives.

This year, you have a chance to tell us more in the 2013 Your Voice survey which will be sent to you after the mid-semester recess (8 October 2013).  It's your opportunity to tell the University what you think and inform a number of actions and strategic priorities now and into the future.

Who is eligible to take part in the 2013 Your Voice survey?

1,778 ongoing staff

1,204 contract staff*

2,162 casual staff

As with previous years our partners, Voice Project, will make sure that your feedback is confidential and that you will not be identified in any way. All feedback will be analysed and benchmarked against earlier survey iterations and also other universities.

If you would like more information you can contact Natalie.A.Holmes@newcastle.edu.aufrom Planning, Quality and Reporting.

*excludes agency contractors